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January 2020 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma, which had already spread to my bone marrow.
My doctors immediately started with aggressive chemotherapy, after which I received a stem cell transplant in August 2020.
Since then, I have been given the all clear as completely healed but I am still receiving Rituximab every two months.
To assist with the side effects from my treatment, I started using this wonderful plant called Moringa. I incorporated the powder form into my daily diet, and I am incredibly surprised and amazed by the results.
Gert Scheepers
Moringa Oil:
The improvement in the chemical burns I sustained. The celliods went flatter, discoloration of scars. Truly an amazing effect that I have had.
Moringa powder:
We used this as a concentrated fertilizer on Cycads - amazing results. Within a short period, the trees started producing new leaves. This got us to start trying it out on the roses and irisis with excellent results.
Feed for game:
We are now embarking on mixing the Moringa into feed. We will report back on the effect.
Moringa capsules:
The general health of all taking the capsules has improved. No colds, fatigue etc. Everybody is energetic, and even moods have improved.
Engela Hennop
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